Sustainability as a term is on everyone’s mind these days.  Be it with the climate, our environmental ‘footprint’ as a species, or even on a political and social level, the question of “are we doing things in a way that will last and be beneficial to all” is one that has yet to be answered.

The UN’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDG’s) helps countries and businesses focus their efforts to achieve sustainable solutions and many entities are making significant progress. The conversation ranges from how to maintain our way of life through decent work and economic growth while still protecting the vulnerable and eliminating poverty, to realising gender equality and ensuring peace, justice and strong institutions.

But what about sustainability for the LGBTI community around the world? We have made great strides in the past few years with more and more countries creating legislative environments where we are welcome. LGBTI people are often represented more positively in the media and, even in the workplace, an increasing number of employers realise that creating environments where all people can truly be themselves, equates to more productive workforces, greater innovation and better teamwork. 

Yet, our community continues to be discriminated against in workplaces around the world. Legislation still exists that denies the LGBTI community the basic rights that our colleagues have and, far too often, meaningful progress (both in the workplace and in legal terms) is thwarted by changing organisational priorities or policy makers that marginalise LGBTI topics.

Scheduled to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots which gave birth to the modern gay rights movement, the 2019 Workplace Pride International Conference will put all of these topics and more on the table. Stakeholders from many disciplines and sectors will highlight how LGBTI workplace inclusion can and should be a sustainable effort for the societies we live in and the organisations we work for. 

With the conference theme of “Sustainable Inclusion; the next destination for LGBTI at work”, the event will explore: 

  • How businesses can be the agent of change: Often more powerful than governments, in cross-border impact, the business world can set the tone for LGBTI sustainability if there is a will to do so. (Keynotes and breakouts with international scope) 
  • The role of Civil Society with LGBTI inclusion at work: As organisations continue to examine their own role in a changing world, sometimes the answers are closer than you think! (Greenpeace, Hivos, )
  • The Power of Sustainability Reporting: Measuring, disclosing and reporting on specific LGBTI-related indicators. (GRI, Sustainalize, etc.)
  • Aligning corporate D&I policies with the UN’s SDGs: Tackling quick wins to achieve long-term successes. (Greenpeace, Hivos, )
  • How Inclusive Leadership is key to sustainable workplaces. (Deloitte )

and many other topics that will take look into the future (and the next 50 years) for the LGBTI workplace movement around the world. 


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