Interactive Sessions


1. Sustainable Inclusion in Practice

Taken literally, the conference theme of “Sustainable Inclusion”, begs the question of how employers combine their various sustainability initiatives with those dealing with inclusion at work. Is the support for LGBTI topics linked to long term business principles or is it more ad hoc and thus prone to frequent change? And how do employers embed their D&I, and specifically LGBTI, efforts within their organisation when these topics are often handled by separate departments? Conference Host, KLM, along with other employers, explores this topical question in an interactive breakout session.

2. The Psychology of Coming Out at Work 

‘Shame’, ‘doing wrong’, ‘being wrong’ are just some of the attributes that LGBTI people face when they are coming out. Unfortunately, these aspects are not limited to a person’s private life, but also creep into working environments as well. With consequences such as over-compensation, burnouts or even suicides, these and other mental health topics for LGBTI people directly effect the workplace. Workplace Pride Member IBM takes the lead with this important and timely breakout session which examines the how’s, why’s, and most importantly the ‘what to do’s’ about mental health topics in the workplace.

3. Realising Sustainable Global Governance:  The challenges of LGBTI inclusion via different business models

Different organisations come to decisions in different ways; including on how they implement their LGBTI policies and practices on a global scale. For some, structured hierarchies make a top-down approach easier.  But for country-led business models, or flat hierarchies, the challenges can be numerous, ranging from interpretations of legal boundries to convincing of hesitant national leaders. Led by Workplace Pride member, ING, This breakout session takes a deep-dive into both the challenges, but also potential remedies to achieve a true global and sustainable approach to LGBTI inclusion at work.

4. Being an ‘Inclusionist’

Sustainability effects all aspects of our lives these days; not the least of which include how organisations do business, how they interact with employees, and even the physical structures of where people work. But how can organizations take a holistic approach to sustainability that also embraces LGBTI inclusion? In this highly interactive session, Workplace Pride Member, introduces their innovative approach of greater inclusion which uses ‘learning paths’ to help employees develop their awareness, become community allies and ensure sustainable progress.   employees develop their awareness, become community allies and ensure sustainable progress

5.Diplomatic Inroads: Paving the Way for LGBTI Inclusion Globally

Realising progress for LGBTI inclusion in workplaces around the world ranges from leveraging business leaders to employee networks, and from reaching out to NGOs to tapping into political processes. Often though, important work is done behind the scenes, through diplomatic channels, through non-traditional means of influence and through parties that may not be top-of-mind for this topic. This breakout session includes advice from diplomats and experts on how to influence stakeholders, engage allies, and generally create an environment conducive to discussion and progress for LGBTI topics

6. SDG Measurement and Accountability for LGBTI Inclusion at Work   

The United Nations Sustainability Development Goals have set the tone for how thousands of organisations look at the future of their business. But does this effort also include LGBTI inclusion at work? How do we ensure that ‘no-one is left behind’ when it comes to this vulnerable community? In this breakout session, Workplace Pride members, together with GRI and Sustainalize, delve into what is actually being measured, how supportive organizations can continue to lead, how all stakeholders can ensure accountability for their LGBTI efforts in the workplace.

7. NGO’s: Embracing LGBTI Workplace Inclusion  LGBTI inclusion at work is now being embraced by all types of organisations around the world. But for some, working against pre-conceived notions, “it should’t be an issue here”, sometimes makes the challenges that much harder. This breakout session explores how NGO’s re-examine LGBTI inclusion at work with both their own staffs and with the recipients of their efforts in countries around the world. Workplace Pride members Greenpeace, Oxfam-Novib, and Hivos, will exchange best practices with representatives from the public sector, private sector and academia in this interactive session and collectively identify areas of cooperation.

8. Global Implementation of Networks and Ally Programs 

Effectively linking allies and employee networks in order to make progress on LGBTI inclusions is an ongoing challenge within large, internationally-active and geographically dispersed organisations. Internal bureaucracy, communication bottlenecks and lack of leadership support sometimes holds back initiatives that could benefit both employees and the organisation itself. But how to overcome these challenges? Experts with direct and practical experience in global programs will explore these questions and more in this highly-interactive and topics breakout session.

9. LGBTI Inclusive Recruitment: Are we there yet?

A recent Harvard Business Review study showed that LGBT-inclusive companies attract and retain top talent. According to the study, we should not be surprised that LGBT employees want to work for a company that allows them to bring their authentic selves to work. But are employers really aware HOW to recruit and retain LGBT employees, what their special needs may be and how their own organisations may need to adapt? By tapping into expertise from Civil Society, the corporate world and from the LGBTI community, this breakout session explores these questions and spotlights actionable steps to more inclusive recruitment.

10. Where are all the women? Building workplace environments where same-sex attracted women can thrive as their authentic selves  

Women in the workplace have always faced extra challenges to be themselves. Unfortunately, the hurdles are even greater for same-sex attracted women as they face the dual impact of gender and sexuality. To examine this issue in more detail, PwC’s Australia office has created a report identifying some of the challenges for same-sex attracted women in working environments, but also suggesting some concrete actions for change. This interactive breakout session examines the outcomes of the study and puts the discussion into the context of other cultures and other organizations.

11. Inclusive Leadership Assessment: Developing traits for sustainable LGBTI inclusion  

LGBTI inclusion at work requires active leadership within organisations; Leaders that feel empowered to regularly keep this topic on the agenda. But how do organisations go about identifying and developing leaders who fully embrace both the vulnerability of the topic as well as its obvious potential for the bottom line?  Workplace Pride Member Deloitte takes the lead in this interactive breakout session that examines all angles of this fascinating topic. Experts from public and private sector organisations join the discussion to provide a complete path forward for sustainable LGBTI inclusion at work.

12.  Making the UN Standards for LGBTI Business Work in Practice

With more than 200 major employers having signed the UN LGBTI Standards of Conduct for Business, there is undeniable momentum and a desire for progress on a global scale. Supporters are keen to create working environments which are truly inclusive of LGBTI Staff, and take into account their LGBTI customers and communities in which they do business. But moving from ‘policy to practice’ and ‘advocacy to action’ in sometimes difficult, bureaucratic or politically charged environments can be challenging! This highly interactive breakout session brings together companies which have endured the Standards, D&I experts and representatives from the LGBTI community to tackle the challenging questions surrounding this important and far reaching initiative.


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